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Needle valves get their name from the needle-shaped internal stem or shaft. When designing a piping system, isometric, or installation, the valve is represented by the symbol schematic needle valve.

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Needle Valve Symbols EN

P&ID SCHEME (Piping and instrumentation diagram)

Piping and instrumentation system schematics are simplified representations of systems that can be complex and in which the components are represented by their schematic symbols. This is why it is essential to use the proper schematic needle valve symbol to avoid errors during installation or replacement.


On the other hand, drawing a needle valve is more complex and detailed. It can be made in two or three dimensions, and its parts can be identified. This type of representation is used mainly by the valve manufacturer to detail the components, materials, and design tolerances of the needle valve. In these cases, the drawing is used with a cross-section of the valve to show the inside of the valve.


The schematic symbol is obtained using a bow tie symbol with an arrow pointing down in the center. It has a 2-way valve symbol with an indicator showing that it is a needle valve. In addition, it is possible to indicate whether the needle valve is in the closed or open position by placing the arrow touching the center of the bow tie or not respectively. It is beneficial in instrumentation schemes.

In addition, it is also possible to indicate the type of valve connection. The following is added for this purpose:

  • Dots at the joint between the pipeline and the bowtie indicate butt weld (BW).
  • Horizontal lines on the joint between the pipeline and the bowtie indicate socket weld (SW).
  • Vertical lines separate the pipeline from the flange to indicate a flanged joint.
Symbols for the needle valve depending on its position

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Needle Valve Symbols EN


When working with drawings, diagrams, and DRAWINGsymbols digitally, it is necessary to know the file types to work with.

The STEP file refers to the “Standard for the Exchange of Product model data file.” It is a standardized CAD file used to share designs between CAD software. STP is simply another extension used for this file type, so there is no difference between a .step file and an .stp file; both comply with ISO 10303.

The STEP format (*.step, *.stp) contains all the information about the 3D valve design and saves it as a series of text documents. These are the file types used in valve design drawings mainly.


Drawing or dwg is another file type used for needle valves at the digital level. DWG files are closely associated with CAD (Computer-Aided Design) programs. They are files containing two-dimensional and three-dimensional vector graphics. Specialized CAD software is required to open these files.


As I said before, CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design. There is a wide variety of CAD software on the market. Autodesk’s AutoCAD is one of the most famous. Many times we call a pre-designed drawing Block or Block.


AutoCAD 2D contains a library of symbols, including the needle valve schematic symbol with built-in attributes for size. Download the needle valve symbol schematic to choose between .dxf or .dwg, depending on your CAD version.

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Needle Valve Symbols EN

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