Choosing compatible materials between a valve or fitting can sometimes be challenging.

We have an extensive database created by our engineers that indicate the compatibility of a fluid with the following materials:



Often used as seating


Typically used as O-rings

How to know if your fluid is compatible with a specific material?

Do you need to choose the required valve or adapter material depending on the working fluid?

Redfluid’s material database is free software that allows you to know such compatibility.

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Is your material not on the list? Are you looking for a different material? Or perhaps you need a certified result?

We make it even easier for you. If you don't want any problems, you can send the form and let our engineers send you a certified result. Forget about headaches or uncertainties and get a result verified by our engineers.

Is the result certified?

NOT in the online version. The suggested materials in this database are given only as guidance. The selection of materials depends on other factors such as external forces, thermal stresses, dead weight, temperature, pressure, etc. Also, the design must be done following local authority regulations and approved accordingly.

Need a certified result?

No problem. If you need a certified result, fill in the following form. Our engineers will analyze all the information and will give you the first draft in less than 24 hours. In 4 days, you will receive a certificate prepared by Redfluid engineers, and it will additionally be reviewed and signed electronically by the College of Engineers of Cataluña.

How much does a certified report cost?

For a certified report, an administrative fee of € 250 will be charged.

How many revisions will they include?

Before sending the electronically signed certificate, you will receive a draft. This draft can be revised or even include other grades or parameters. Once you are satisfied with the draft, you will no longer be able to review it. We send the draft to the college of engineers to sign and seal. Once stamped, no changes can be made to the document.

Do you have questions or need a certified solution?

No problem! Email us at, and one of our experts will be happy to do the hardwork for you and prepare a certified report.

Access the database of compatible materials: