Automatic Fittings (Push-in) and Quick Fittings (Push-on)

We have Automatic Fittings (Push-in) or Quick Fittings (Push-on).

A push-on fitting has an outer metal nut and a small inner shank. The tube fits and is tightened with the outer nut 

On the other hand, in push-in fittings, the pipe goes into the pressure fitting and it will be an outer ring (usually made of red plastic) that holds the pipe without the need to tighten any nut.

We have both in brass or in stainless steel in a multitude of figures and shapes. Dimensions up to 16mm OD and in BSP, BSPT, NPT and metric connections.

Push-in Automatic Fitting

The series of automatic fittings is the clearest expression of reliable and well-proven technology in pneumatic applications.

Push-on quick fitting

Push-on fittings take advantage of the proven technology to be able to connect plastic pipes with extreme safety.

They do not have O-rings and allow simple and reliable connections. The sealing is metallic and the connection is effortless thanks to the particular shape of the hose adaptor. The hexagon of the locking nut is always on top to facilitate mounting.

Do you need more info? Here you can download the technical datasheet of this product.



-0.99 bar to 20 bar


-20ºC to + 80ºC


For lines from 4mm to 16mm OD.


NPT (ANSI / ASME B1.20.1), BSP or Cylindrical GAS (ISO 7.1, BS 21, DIN 2999, ISO 228 A), BSPT (ISO 7.1, BS 21, DIN 2999), Metric ISO R / 262


Nickel Plated Brass or 316 Stainless


Acetal Resin and clamp in 301 stainless steel. O-rings in NBR.


If you need other connections, materials, or other modifications, we can tailor it for you. Make your inquiry here.

Types of Automatic Fittings (Push-in) and Quick Fittings (Push-on)

We manufacture different types of Automatic Fittings (Push-in) and Quick Fittings (Push-on):


  • Automatic fittiing
    • Instant connection and disconnection
    • Full bore and vacuum tightness thanks to molded gaskets
    • Three types of threads, BSPP, BSPT (universal short) and metric
    • Robustness, made of metal
    • Wide range available to satisfy the most demanding installations
    • Silicone free



    • Proven technology
    • Compatibility with many industrial fluids
    • Guaranteed tightness with different types of tube
    • No sealing elements (elastomers)
    • Mechanical robustness
    • Silicone free


    • The stainless steel clamp guarantees a perfect grip on the tube of any material without damaging the surface.
    • The connection between tube and fitting ensures total tightness even under conditions of impact or vibration.
    • The particular geometry of the gasket guarantees perfect sealing even when empty.
    • All the threads in this series are manufactured with a sealing gasket that allows the immediate use of the fitting, significantly reducing installation time.
    • All straight fittings can also be fitted with a hexagonal wrench and can be used even in very confined spaces.
    • Adjustable mount with an internal security system.
    • Improved durability to rotation and traction
    • Extra easy assembly, insert the tube into the nut. Then insert the tube into the fitting cone and finally tighten the locking nut by hand or with a wrench.

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Do you need more info?

Here you can download the technical sheet of Automatic Fittings (Push-in) and Quick Fittings (Push-on).

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