Our Pressure Gauge series valves are flow regulation valves that isolate pressure gauges, purges, pressure switches and other instrumentation devices. They allow flow to enter the instrument without damaging it smoothly. If they have a bleeder plug, it will allow to drain the fluid and depressurize the instrument without affecting the process where it’s connected.

We have standard versions, Male-Female, Female-Female Loca Nut, with purge and with check flange for standard pressure gauge. They can work up to 400 bar.

Do you need more info? Here you can download the technical datasheet of this product.



Different series depending on the required service pressure, up to 440 bar.


For lines from 1/4 ”to 1/2” diameter as standard.


NPT (ASME B1.20.1), BSP or Cylindrical GAS ISO 228 and connection for registration to M20x1.5.

Special connections for pressure gauges

EN 837-1 (DIN 16288 Form B or DIN 16288 Form Z); DIN 16283; DIN 16284


Carbon Steel, 316 / 316L Stainless Steel, Brass. Upon request, they can be manufactured in Duplex, Super duplex, Hastelloy, Monel among others.


GRAFOIL or PTFE. Upon request, it can be supplied in other materials.




If you need other connections, materials, packing or other modifications, we can manufacture it to measure for you. Place your order here.


We manufacture different types of GAUGES VALVES:
  • Male female.
  • Male-Female with nut.
  • Male-Female with cuff.
  • Option with purge
  • Option with check flange with sealing plug to fit a standard pressure gauge.
  • Option with M20x150 test bore
  • Pneumatic piston valve.


Pressure gauge series valve: The valve isolates pressure gauges, purges, pressure switches and instrumentation, allows the flow to enter the instrument smoothly without damaging it. It reduces the costs of calibration and preventive maintenance of the instrumentation, allowing a smooth entry of the flow to the pressure gauge. Not all valves serve to protect a pressure gauge, they must have the specific pressure gauge connection and also allow a smooth entry of flow into the pressure gauge.   

Piston valve: Fast acting valves for isolation of pressure gauges in low pressure pneumatic circuits. To operate it, it is enough to press the piston, which allows the passage of air and the measurement in the instrument.

The flow is automatically closed when the piston stops operating, isolating the pressure gauge from the main circuit. Gentle zeroing, thanks to an exhaust system for the air contained in the valve pressure chamber.

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Do you need more info?

Here you can download the technical sheet of GAUGES VALVES.

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