6000 PSI Pressure Dampener

Dampener valves are designed to control sudden pressure variations to protect the pressure gauges and sensitive measuring elements.

The regulation is performed by a high-precision screw that can adjust the pressure.

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Versions for high and low pressure.


They are made in 1/2 and 1/4 threaded connections in BSP and NPT


  • Serie AC. Carbon Steel UNE 36011 
  • Serie SS. Stailnes Steel 316 
  • Serie LA. Brass DIN17600

Types of 6000 PSI Pressure Dampener

We manufacture different types of 6000 PSI Pressure Dampener:

The AC and SS series are intended for high-pressure dampers up to 400 bar. The LA series in Brass is for medium and low pressure up to 153 bar.

Nitrile packed (NBR) up to 100ºC (212ºF). Optionally, it can be supplied in Viton (FKM) up to 200 ºC (329 ºF)


Even the best manometers and instruments are of no use if damaged or destroyed. The Redfluid pressure dampener provides an economical solution to protect manometers and instrumentation equipment from the effects of sudden pressure variations.

  • Up to 400 bar or 5000 psi
  • Protects the most sensitive manometers and instrumentation equipment.
  • Durable materials resist corrosion, leaks and mechanical damage.

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Do you need more info?

Here you can download the technical sheet of 6000 PSI Pressure Dampener.

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