The double ferrule fittings connect to the tubing without threads or welding.

Simply connect them to the tube and tighten it with a spanner to achieve a tight joint. We have sizes for tubing in inches and millimeters. 

They consist of a body that connects to the tube. It has one compression ring, a ferrule, and a tightening nut. The hermetic union between the tube and the body of the fitting is made thanks to the pressure exerted by both rings on the tube when the nut presses them. The function of one ring is to close it, which prevents leaks, and the role of the other ferrule is to hold the tube. 

Extreme conditions? No problem! Our twin ferrule tubing fittings withstand high pressure while being resistant to vibrations even in harsh environments or severe applications. The nuts have an internal anti-seize silver bath as standard. 

We stock all sizes and types of REDFLUID fittings, including elbows, reducers, crossovers, tees, valves, sleeves, bushings, welding, etc. In terms of materials, they are manufactured as standard in Stainless 316 / L or in Brass.

Do you need more info? Here you can download the technical datasheet of this product.



Different series depending on the service pressure required, from 100 bar to 700 bar from -196ºC to 649ºC.


Tube in inches: From 1/16 “(1.58 mm) to 1” (25.4 mm), Metric pipes: From 2mm to 40 mm.



We manufacture Mixed accessories to connect to Gas (SCH) pipes, from 1/8 “(10.3 mm) to 1” (33.7 mm)


NPT (ANSI / ASME B1.20.1), BSPP or Cylindrical GAS Whitworth type B, Metric Parallel, type B, UNF, BSPT Taper ISO 7R),


316 / 316L Stainless Steel, or Brass. Any other metal upon request.


They are supplied with an internal silver plate coating on the nuts to prevent them from seizing.


If you need other connections, materials, figures or other modifications, we can tailor it for you. Click here to order.


We manufacture different types of TWIN FERRULE FITTINGS:
Straight Fittings Cable gland Lateral Male Tees Plugs
Elbows Straight x Male Thread Smooth spigot Reinforcing
Tees Elbows x Male Thread BW adapters Gasket
Crosses Central Male Tees Straight Fittings x Threaded Female Nuts and Rings


The connections with the Redfluid fitting are reliable, all the accessories have been certified with exhaustive tests and the experience since 1984 in the manufacture of accessories supports us. High-quality materials, exacting manufacturing tolerances and unitary quality control contribute to the tightness of Redfluid accessories.

Redfluid twin ferrule fittings for joining tubes have different advantages, they do not twist the pipe during installation or rotate on themselves when installed. The proper design ensures that the load is transmitted axially to the tube and not in a localized area.

The mounting of the accessories is easy thanks to the silver-plated threads, which acts as an effective lubricant and prevent seizure.

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Here you can download the technical sheet of TWIN FERRULE FITTINGS.

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