Pneumatic and Electric Actuators

An actuator is like a remote control for a ball or needle valve. Depending on the actuation mode, the actuators can be electric if they open and close a valve using electricity or pneumatics if they work with a pneumatic compressed air circuit.

Range of accessories to improve the performance and automatically control the Redfluid ball valves.
We have pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, and position sensors.

  • Pneumatic and electric actuators are available on our high and low-pressure ball valves.
  • Limit switches indicate the actuator position using an electrical signal.
  • Position sensors visually tell us if a valve is open or closed.

Assemblies and kits already installed and guaranteed are available from Redfluid or kits for field mounting.

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Electric actuators

Multi-voltage from 12v to 240v in direct or alternating current. Possibility of incorporating a DPS (Digital Positioning System) and a BSR battery (Battery Return System). IP67, -20ºC to + 70ºC.

Single and Double Acting Pneumatic Actuators

A multitude of aluminum pneumatic actuators with coating for highly corrosive marine environments type C5 ISO 12944. Our actuators can work with air, water or non-aggressive fluid up to 8 bar pressure.

Operating temperature: -32ºC to + 80ºC

ATEX limit switch boxes

Limit switch boxes are used in applications where it is necessary to monitor or control the position of a valve and electronically indicate whether the valve is open or closed. Our boxes have IP67 protection and can be inductive or electromechanical, with or without NAMUR, SPDT or DPDT.

Temperature: -20ºC + 80ºC.

Terminal strip: 8 terminals and possibility of connection 2 Limit switches + Solenoid valve.

Position indicator: Open and closed for high visibility.

Types of Pneumatic and Electric Actuators

We manufacture different types of Pneumatic and Electric Actuators:

Multi-voltage Electric Actuators

If you want to automate a ball valve in an industrial environment electrically, this series of actuators is the right choice for you.

Our actuators are perfectly integrated into Redfluid Ball valves and improve their advantages by motorizing them electrically.  


Single and Double Acting Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic actuators are used for valve automation using compressed air. The single-acting actuator has a spring for safety. When the actuator has no power, the springs can return the valve to its original position.

ATEX limit switch boxes: The limit switch box is used to indicate the position of the valve, open or closed. Available in Aluminum, Plastic and with visual position indicator. 


  • Automation possible using electricity or air
  • Reduced need for labor
  • Single-acting actuator allows the ability to control a valve remotely. If the actuator loses power, it has an internal spring that expands and returns the valve to its original position, known as the “fail position”.
  • Anti-corrosion paints and finishes for highly corrosive environments such as desalination or merchant ships.

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Here you can download the technical sheet of Pneumatic and Electric Actuators.

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