Super Duplex Ball Valves

Ball Valve with superduplex material

CL 800 PN 140 bar class ball valves in the 3-piece super duplex are not only robust and efficient for flow control in pipelines but are specially designed to withstand extreme conditions.

Their super duplex construction, with a PREn greater than 40, makes them ideal for marine and corrosive seawater environments. They are perfectly suited for applications in ships, desalination systems, and other scenarios where corrosion resistance or marine or near-sea environment is paramount.

Importantly, all hardware on these valves is 316 stainless steel, ensuring additional durability and strength. The parts of the valve that come in direct contact with the fluid are manufactured in either super duplex or Inconel, providing increased corrosion resistance and ensuring the integrity of the valve even in the most challenging conditions.

Do you need more info? Here you can download the technical datasheet of this product.



Valves PN 140 bar (2000 PSI), CL 800#.
Designed according to ASME B 16.34 and EN17292


For lines from 1/4″ to 2″ diameter.


NPT (NPT ASME B.20.1), BSP or GAS Cylindrical (Iso 228-1 or Iso 7:1), SW (ANSI B16.11);

Optional on BW, BW Long End, and SW OD,

Optional on SAE, DIN, EN, and ASME/ANSI flanges all ratings and CL, Mixed.


RPTFE seats and FKM O-rings that allow working up to +180ºC.


Super duplex for wetted parts type F53 or A890 5A.

PREn > 40

Inconel for springs

316 stainless steel hardware


RPTFE for the body, PTFE for seals, and Flexible Graphite for packing.


  • Blow-out proof stem design
  • Fire Safe
  • Blow-out proof stem design
  • Fire Safe
  • ATEX 2014/34/EU II2GD
  • Anti-static device
  • CE PED 2014/68/EU
  • Total Passage
  • Test and inspection according to API 598

If you need other connections, materials, seats, O-rings, or other modifications, we can custom-make it for you. Click Make your inquiry.

Types of Super Duplex Ball Valves

We manufacture different types of Super Duplex Ball Valves:

As standard, they are supplied in 3 pieces and Super duplex.
Optionally they can be manufactured as “mini” valves or in Duplex or special alloys.


Safe choice: Avoid leaks and wear with our Super Duplex valve special for corrosive environments, desalination plants, marine industry, offshore, shipyards, fertilizers, petrochemicals, etc.

Total Versatility: Suitable for liquid and gas lines, and customizable according to connections, pressures, and materials. Standard up to PN140 bar.

Advanced Design: Prepared for pneumatic or electric actuators with ISO 5211 bores and equipped with an antistatic device. Full bore.

Safety Guaranteed: Fire Safe, ATEX, and CE PED certifications, together with locking devices.

Tested Quality: Rigorous testing according to API 598 and EN 10204 3.1 certificates, with a PREn > 40.

Expert Advice: More than 35 years of experience guaranteeing the perfect solution for your needs.

Advanced Automation: Equipped to integrate pneumatic or electric actuators and solenoid valves. We can deliver the entire automated system assembled and tested.

Delivery Time: We almost always have these valves in stock.

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Do you need more info?

Here you can download the technical sheet of Super Duplex Ball Valves.

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