Any fluid or gas channeling system requires mechanisms capable of regulating the flow.

That is to say, of stopcock mechanisms, that obey to the diverse needs of every moment, like obstructing or allowing the circulation in a certain point.

But be careful, because they must also achieve this in an efficient way, avoiding possible and undesirable losses, leaks or filtrations.

Sound complicated?

Not at all: in fact, it is as simple as what happens when you open or close the water tap in your own home.

This mechanism is called a superduplex ball valve (or duplex, without further ado), which is the subject we will dive into in the following lines.

What is a superduplex (or duplex) ball valve?

What you have just seen above: a mechanism capable of regulating the transit of gases and liquids.

The thing is very simple: inside the mechanism there is a sphere with a perforation. This sphere will be in charge of allowing or obstructing the passage.

When you turn the key, the sphere rotates 90 degrees. If you open, it is the perforated part of the sphere that aligns with the channeling. If you close, it is the other way around: it is the solid part that does so, preventing the fluid or gas from passing.

Technical data sheet for super duplex ball valve

You always ask me about the technical data sheet of the products. The truth is, to be able to order the right valve you have to do it in a very specific and correct way.

Andyyyyy… that’s why I make it easy for you.

If you need the technical data sheet of the super duplex ball valve, all you have to do is download it:


Types of super duplex ball valves

Look, look, there are several types depending on your needs:

  • Depending on the design of the ball or sphere, they can be floating or trunnion.
  • Depending on the housing assembly, they can be one-piece (they are cheaper, but cannot be opened… so they cannot be cleaned inside) or two-piece (the connection between the parts is achieved by threading, so they can be opened and cleaned).

And there are no three-piece valves? Of course: the super duplex 3-piece ball valves are screwed together, and you can clean them without having to remove them or disassemble them or anything. Total convenience. In addition, they can be welded without damaging the inner seals.

Dimensions of super duplex ball valve

This part is very important. In the end the numbers make us feel safe. This way you won’t make a mistake when you have to order a super duplex ball valve.

I leave you the dimensions here:

DNLFNPT~W~H (open)Torque (NM)CxDISO 5211
1 1/4″1121 1/4″1761051009×14F05
1 1/2″1251 1/2″22111813010×16F07

Recommendation: Keep this table somewhere or print it out when you need to order a super duplex ball valve.

Duplex? Superduplex? Let’s see, let’s see…

But hey! What if superduplex ball valve, what if superduplex 3-piece ball valve, what if duplex 3-piece ball valve?

What exactly do “duplex” and “superduplex” mean?

How do they differ?

The steels of the duplex and superduplex varieties are composed of an iron with molybdenum or chromium. And by a series of stabilizers, such as nitrogen or nickel.

What is the purpose of these alloys? Nothing more and nothing less than to combat corrosion (SCC) and difficulty in welding, as well as to achieve greater ductility and tensile strength.

A super duplex ball valve has a slightly higher strength than a duplex, simply put.

It may be the option you should choose if you are going to subject the valve to a lot of pressure or ambition.

That’s it.

Hey! What about applications?

Practical applications and advantages of using super duplex ball valves

We are talking about mechanisms used in both domestic and industrial systems.

Thus, you can find these in the cooling system of a power plant, in the pipes of a house or in an oil company.

And in your home too, don’t even think about it: maybe the system that regulates the hot or cold water output in your home has a valve of this type.

Are you interested or what?

Superduplex ball valves are easy to maintain, are very effective in preventing leaks and have a rather low resistance to flow… so we’ll bet you are.

Heyyyyyy, you need the data sheet if or if. So I’ll leave it below:


Ball valve automation

I don’t know if you know this, but super suplex ball valves can be automated. I think it’s amazing. We are official partners of the actuator brand FESTO, and we can not be happier.

In another article I will explain how an actuator works. It is one of the most useful inventions that exist, really.

To give you an idea, I leave a little picture of an actuator and if you want to take a look at the technical specifications just click HERE.

Electric automatic actuator FESTO for super duplex valves

Let me explain the benefits of it:

Benefits of ball valve actuators

I make a list for you to make it a little more visual:

  1. Efficient Automation: Actuators enable the automation of various industrial operations, leading to greater efficiency in the execution of tasks. By using electricity or compressed air to control movements and processes, the need for constant human intervention is reduced, which in turn reduces human error and increases the accuracy of operations.
  2. Reduced Labor Requirement: The automation provided by actuators reduces reliance on manual labor, resulting in significant savings in long-term labor costs. This also allows companies to operate more efficiently and flexibly, as they can more easily adapt to changes in demand or production processes without having to hire additional personnel.
  3. Remote Control: Single acting actuators offer the ability to control valves and other devices remotely. This is especially valuable in situations where physical access is difficult or dangerous, such as in industrial plants or subsea installations. In the event that the actuator loses power, its “fail position” feature ensures that the valve returns to its original position, which can be critical to safety and proper system operation.
  4. Corrosion Resistance: In extremely corrosive environments, such as desalination facilities or merchant ships, corrosion protection is critical to ensure the durability and integrity of equipment. Actuators benefit from anti-corrosion paints and finishes that extend their service life and maintain optimum performance even in adverse conditions.
  5. Reduced Maintenance: Automation through actuators can contribute to the reduction of long-term maintenance costs. Since these devices are designed to be durable and withstand harsh conditions, they require less intervention and replacement compared to manual or mechanical systems.

As I said, an actuator makes your life easier. Period.

Super duplex ball valve in stock

So I say. At Redfluid we have it in stock in the size you need.

So if you need a super duplex ball valve contact us. And if you need another product that we have, let us know and we’ll help you out.

And hey, with super duplex ball valves… at RedFluid we’ve got it covered.